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FREE Download iLinux OS IRP (Install, Recovery & Private Mode)


iLinux OS 2 IRP (Install, Recovery & Private Mode) 64/32 Bit AMD Intel


Version 2.0

Core: Debian 8 Stable

Write it on DVD or on a Ventoy USB Stick.

iLinux OS IRP is EMBEDDED in iLinux OS and you can select it at Computer Startup, but you can also use it separately on DVD to Startup your Computer (Windows - Mac - Linux) for Data Recovery or Private Operation.

Minimum Requirements for Install

Please read the End User Licence before Downloading

We use qBittorrent as our Torrent Servers, so it's best to Download iLinux OS Torrents with qBittorrent.

IMPORTANT: If your iLinux OS Torrent Download appears as Stalled don't worry. It will soon start downloading.

CAUTION: About Downloading iLinux OS from UNOFFICIAL Torrents

WE CAN NOT Guarantee the quality of the copies of iLinux OS that are being shared via UNOFFICIAL Torrents, from Linux fans and enthusiasts.

We believe in Absolute Freedom of Speech and Unrestricted Information/Data Sharing but we also believe in High Quality Standards in Software Production. Thus WE CAN ONLY Guarantee the copies of iLinux OS that WE Distribute.

If you Download iLinux OS from UNOFFICIAL Torrents and you locate anything SUSPICIOUS in it, please report it immediately to iLinux Community.

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